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Player Transfer

Players may only be registered with or play for one Sussex League club at a time. A transfer is required if, having played a match in ANY ECB Affiliated League or Cup competition in the current season, a player wishes to play for a different club in the same season. Transfers must be arranged using an approved Transfer Request form which will be available from the SCL Registration Secretary or by clicking on the button below. The form must be signed by the player concerned and the secretaries of both clubs.

The Transfer Request form must be received by the SCL Registration Secretary at least seven days before the player seeking the transfer will be eligible to play. Only after seven clear days from the time and date when the SCL Registration Secretary receives the completed transfer request form will the player become eligible to play for his new Sussex Cricket League Club or in the Sunday Cup – providing he is not Cup tied.

The SCL Registration Secretary will notify the new club when the transferred player is eligible to play at the same time as sending a copy of the completed and endorsed transfer form. It is the responsibility of the player or the club to ensure that the Secretary receives the fully completed Transfer Request form. Placing the form in the post does not guarantee that the form is received at a specific time and date.

If the player’s present club objects and refuses to sign Part 2 of the Form, the reasons must be stated separately. Normally, the only reasonable objection is that the player has unpaid debts or other unfulfilled obligations to that club. No player shall be permitted a transfer at ANY time or be permitted to play for another club within the League structure should he have any outstanding debt with his present club.

Clubs are reminded that approaches to U18 players regarding a transfer of clubs should be done initially through communication between the two clubs concerned and not directly to the player. It is not appropriate to approach minors by phone, E-mail or face-to-face regarding a transfer without prior consent.


Transfers will NOT be permitted after the 30th June in any season. Each club will be permitted TWO Inward Cross League transfers and TWO Inward Internal transfers per season. No Transfers will be permitted for Category 2 (Contracted), 3 (Overseas) or 3E (Overseas Exempt / Ordinarily Resident) players. Players can only make one transfer per season.

Player Registration


All Players In The Sussex Cricket League have to be Registered On-Line through their Club Play-Cricket Website. The fielding of unregistered or improperly registered players will result in potentially severe penalties.

The best advice is that it is safer for a club to register all its Bona Fide playing members before the start of the season. They can make a start as soon as they like. Please read the document available by clicking the button below.

Registration of a player shall at any time be dependent upon all financial and other obligations to his former Club having been discharged.

No player suspended by another League shall be eligible to play in this League during the period of suspension.

Registrations (for Categories 1, 2 & 3) must be received and approved at least 24 hours prior to the relevant League / Cup match. For Category 3 Player registration the form obtained by clicking the button below must be completed and returned to the League Registration Secretary. In the unlikely event of a late drop out, the player/club concerned must submit their registration through the normal procedures by the scheduled start time of the game at the LATEST unless access to the club Play-Cricket main administrator is not possible the follow procedure must be followed.

Before the start of the match the name of the Club, the player’s first and last name and their date of birth must be either emailed to, or a text (SMS) message sent to 07833 313890 or a message left on the answer phone 01903 739593. The Club will need to complete the registration process on their Play-Cricket site before 10am on Sunday. The League Registration Secretary will only approve/reject those applications that are supported either by an email, text (SMS) message or answer phone message sent before the start of the match.

Any registration received after the deadlines will NOT be considered for approval until after 8 pm on Tuesday following the match. In the case of Category 3E players the preliminary exemption request must be made in advance, and the ONE WEEK waiting period will be strictly applied.

Please note that any Category 3 player that is defined as a Professional can NOT be registered to play in the SCL. Please read the Home Office/ECB instructions below.

Playing an unregistered player. In normal circumstances a failure to register an established Category 1 (England Qualified or Equivalent) or other category player will be dealt with using the provisions of a minimum points deduction of three points because the scorecard can not be completed. Only registered players are available in the Play-Cricket team picker.

Any Club found guilty of knowingly fielding an ineligible player as defined in the handbook or by using the name of another registered player for a unregistered player, shall be subject to an automatic deduction of all the points received in the match concerned plus an additional deduction of 10 points and its opponents shall be awarded the match and 30 points.

The relevant League Committee may, at its discretion, reduce this penalty if it considers there are extenuating circumstances; alternatively the Committee may impose additional penalties (which may include fines or further points deductions, or both) if it determines that the offence constitutes a deliberate attempt to deceive or circumvent the Registration/Player Eligibility Rules.